Out From Under the Rock

Yes!!! I am back!! I don’t know about you, but the pandemic years have been a challenge for me. Like most humans, I like predictability. I feel safe in routines. And this covid junk has turned all of my comforting rituals and routines topsy-turvy! Would you like to know how down-trodden and exhausted parents canContinue reading “Out From Under the Rock”

Why Can’t You Just Sit Still?

To fidget or not to fidget? That is the question I’ve been getting a lot! You watch your child on their zoom. They’ve turned their video off and they’re pacing the room. They are doodling while the teacher talks. They are hopping around on zoom looking at their classmates faces. This doesn’t look right. Right?Continue reading “Why Can’t You Just Sit Still?”

First Seek To Understand

First seek to understand. One of the biggest mistakes we make when addressing problem behavior in kids is charging ahead before we even understand the behavior. First, before we lecture, consequence, setup a plan, or reward, we must seek to understand the behavior. Why? Because behavior is far more than just a simple stimulus andContinue reading “First Seek To Understand”

Touchstones- What I Know For Sure

The past few weeks have been tough. Bedtime anxiety, tears over missing friends, refusing school work, an emotional and frustrated mom trying to work and teach. Can anybody relate? There have been beautiful moments too. Family basketball. Daily lunch together, all five of us sitting at a table laughing. But sometimes I veer off courseContinue reading “Touchstones- What I Know For Sure”

Little Miss Fix It- Put Your Tools Away!

What have you learned the most from in your life?  Your failures or your successes? Your struggles or your achievements?  If you are like me, I have learned far more from my failures and struggles than my successes and triumphs. Guess what? The same goes for our kids.   As parents, one of the most difficultContinue reading “Little Miss Fix It- Put Your Tools Away!”

Defying Gravity-How to Set Limits Like a Pro

Did you know there are some limit setting imposters? Parenting behaviors that look like limit setting, but are not. Things like lecturing, warning, deal making, encouraging, reminding. Any of these make an appearance at your house? I found that most of the time when I thought I was setting a limit, I was actually not.Continue reading “Defying Gravity-How to Set Limits Like a Pro”

Are Parents Creating “PRAISE JUNKIES”?

Are you creating a praise junkie? I think I might be…. “According to a survey conducted by Columbia University, 85 percent of American parents think it’s important to tell their kids that they’re smart.” Studies out of Columbia University suggest that the TYPE of praise parents provide may be the key. Students who were praisedContinue reading “Are Parents Creating “PRAISE JUNKIES”?”