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Welcome! I am Tricia Thompson, a school psychologist, behavior specialist and mother of three.

Parenting a child with ADHD and a child with a seizure disorder myself, I bring a unique perspective to the challenges of parenting. My professional training did not prepare me for what it would be like to parent my own struggling learners. As a school psychologist, I worked with hundreds of students, educators and families. But, at home, I felt like I was just messing it all up! So, if you find yourself feeling alone, guilty or like you might be failing. Guess what? You are not alone!

I am dedicated to helping other parents create improved fulfillment and results in their families and to helping all learners reach their full potential. As a mom to a teenager with ADHD, I know the helpless pain of watching your child HURT and STRUGGLE. As a school psychologist, I specialize in individualizing routines and expectations to meet the learning profile and needs of your child. Let’s work together to find the next steps for your family.

About Tricia Thompson, Learning without Limits

Tricia Thompson is a professional consultant and speaker in education and parenting With a Masters in School Psychology and over 20 years of experience as a school psychologist and behavior specialist. Her knowledge, background, and perspective provide hope and empowerment to those feeling stuck, alone, or ineffective. She brings her extensive knowledge of ADHD, executive functioning, learning profiles and behavior together with her experience parenting a teenager with ADHD to create change for families and students.

As a respected expert in her field, Tricia is trained to support schools, families, and parents of children with learning and behavioral difficulties.

What Tricia Offers You

For Parents…

• Coaching sessions. Tricia will evaluate current patterns in behavior and learning to help parents identify more effective practices for THEIR child and family. This is where you go when you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work!

•Classes for parents and families in the areas of ADHD, behavioral and learning struggles. Tricia provides unique tools and powerful shifts in the parenting mindset.

• Consultation with schools and service providers to create a team approach for supporting kids.

For Teachers, Administrations, and School Districts…

•Staff Development training to support educators in navigating the changing landscape of student behavior. Tricia offers compassion, deep understanding, in-depth knowledge, humor and powerful perspective shifts for educators to meet the needs of all students. Teaching students who seem unreachable is her passion. Areas of expertise include ADHD, Functional Behavior Assessment, Trauma, Emotional Regulation and Executive Functioning.

For more information on how Tricia can support your organization, CONTACT TRICIA directly.


What People Say About
Tricia Thompson…

My son was diagnosed in December ADHD with heightened levels of anxiety. As a parent, learning how to navigate this new world for us has been challenging to say the least.  I have only been following your page for a couple of weeks now, but I have found it to be a highly inspirational tool for me. Whether you are discussing methods to “get started”, discussing literature with a good message, or even your videos with some food for thought… this has become a safe space for me. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge.

You were such a gifted psychologist in the schools… adding the experiences as a mom just make it more real!  It’s your calling!!

Thanks for including me in your Learning without Limits FB page. I want you to know how impactful this work is. I so wish I had heard all of these  words and was a part of a group like this while I was living through my kids middle school and high school years. The anxiety, depression and panic attacks were horrible, and a community would have been helpful. I read your words and tear up. You are an amazing woman, and you touch so many with your loving and compassionate words. It is a privilege to know you!

I am a teacher in the Beaverton School District, and had the honor of being a part of a professional development run by Tricia two years ago. I still have her words of wisdom in my mind, and the visuals she used I still refer back to when working with the emotional intricacies my students bring to the classroom. I thrive because of her, and my students now thrive, too. Thank you Tricia for making my classroom and our school a better place!

Oh my gosh!  You’ve made my day!  My son is almost sixteen.  He was diagnosed at age seven.  At that time I had been a school psychologist for over a decade, helping to diagnose ADHD and to support kids at school.  Even with this level of knowledge, I found I was unprepared for the emotional toll it would take on me or the many many mistakes I would make along the way.  My hope is to be a safe place where I share my hindsight so that other moms feel less alone.  I felt very alone for a long time and I didn’t feel I could talk about it.  Thank you for your kind words.


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Our culture is focused primarily on INFORMATIONAL LEARNING.  Tricia believes her role is to provide TRANSFORMATIONAL LEARNING, epiphanies and experiences that leave people feeling differently about their role as parents and educators, leaving with ideas and goals that they did not have before meeting her.

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